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Worms Director's Cut News from Andy Davidson

WormsDC missed xmas because of a few things - problems with the game on
2meg 1200s being one of them, the game was just too tight on memory for
some set-ups.  It should now be out at the beginning of March.  The
finished demo will be on T17/Aminet soon as well =)

There are no coloured names in WormsDC because I didn't want to limit the
palette for the foreground, and the sprites are being used for other
things.  But there is now an option in the game to add the Team number or
initial to the front of the worm names to help with identifying them -
thanks to JamesBart on #amiga for that idea, simple but works =)

And as for the bloody zoom!!  ;) Because Amiga Worms uses hardware
scrolling and copper tricks all over the place, it would be a lot of hassle
to implemement a zoom, and it just isn't worth it.  Anyway, you've now got
an extra layer of mountains, quarter-pixel scrolling (even in the
parallax), 325 colours on screen and old women that explode!!  ...  what
more could you want!!  :D

<insert demands for TCP here> ;)

Andy Davidson