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  Christian Bauer <>


  Frodo V4.0 is a free, portable C64 emulator for BeOS, Unix, MacOS
  and AmigaOS systems.

  This emulator focuses on the exact reproduction of special graphical
  effects possible on the C64, and has therefore relatively high
  system requirements. It should only be run on systems with at least
  a PowerPC/Pentium/68060.

  Frodo is capable of running most games and demos correctly, even
  those with FLI, FLD, DYCP, open borders, multiplexed sprites, timing
  dependent decoders, fast loaders etc.

  Some small demo programs and the full source code in C++ are
  included in the archive.

  Some of the emulation's features:
   - 6510 emulation: All undocumented opcodes, 100% correct decimal
     mode, instruction/cycle exact emulation.
   - VIC emulation: Line-/cycle-based emulation, all display modes,
     sprites with collisions/priorities, DMA cycles, open borders, all
     $d011/$d016 effects.
   - SID emulation: Real-time digital emulation (16 bit, 44.1kHz),
     including filters (only under BeOS, Linux, HP-UX, MacOS and
   - 1541 emulation: Drive simulation in directories, .d64/x64 or
     .t64/LYNX files, or processor-level 1541 emulation that works
     with about 95% of all fast loaders and even some copy protection
   - Other peripherals: Keyboard and joystick (real joysticks (only
     under BeOS, Linux and AmigaOS) or keyboard emulation).
   - Frodo is freeware. Why pay >$40 for a C64 emulator?

  The most important changes from V3.1:
   - C64 ROMs included (with extended Kernal ROM)
   - Frodo SC, the single-cycle emulation
   - Compatibility of processor-level 1541 emulation greatly improved
   - SID emulation can play sampled sounds
   - New keyboard shortcuts for toggling the speed limiter and the
     full 1541 emulation
   - Full-screen mode (BeOS)
   - Autoconf script (Unix)
   - Ported to MacOS and AmigaOS


  - BeBox or PowerMac with BeOS DR8
  - Unix systems with X11R6 or Linux/SVGAlib (Tcl/Tk 4.1 recommended)
  - 68k or PPC Macintosh with System 7.5
  - Amiga/DraCo with 68040/68060, AmigaOS 3.0 and a graphics card


  Source distribution:

  Binary distribution for BeOS:

  Binary distribution for AmigaOS:

  Alternative site:





  Freely distributable