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Visit IAM on the Web:

IAM publishes high quality products for the Amiga, with some of the best
authors around, including former Commodore engineers Dale L.  Larson and
Dave Haynie.  We recently reduced all our prices.  Please help us spread
the word about our products so that we can keep supporting the Amiga!

What's more, we've expanded availability of Amiga Boing Logo collectible
items for our customers!  More Boing Logos are available, and special
limited edition DevCon posters are free with any order of $100 or more.

See you at the "Gateway Computer Show -- Amiga 97" in St.  Louis on March
15 & 16, 1997.

The best way to get more information about IAM is through the Web:  We also have an AmigaGuide format catalog of our Amiga
products which can be FTP'd from file://, and
you can get an automatic reply with current information on our products by

* A book on Amiga networking and telecommunications: "Connect Your Amiga!
    A Guide to the Internet, LANs, BBSs and Online Services" revised 
    second printing (1996) US$19 + s/h
* DiskSalv4 -- the commercial release of Dave's disk utilities US$30 + 
   s/h (upgrade from earlier registered versions for US$10+s/h)
* MRBackup 2.5 US$45+s/h 
    (upgrade from earlier registered versions for US$10+s/h)
*  SYA (Save Your Behind): DiskSalv4 and MRBackup together for only US$49!
* The Amiga-only peer-to-peer networking software Amiga Envoy, 
    US$39 +  s/h (2-user)
* MegaBall4, a tres cool system-friendly video game, US$29 + s/h 
    with a Free XL MegaBalls T-shirt.
* DICE 3.2 C Development Environment (full price $100+s/h, students and
   competitive upgrades only $75 +s/h)  Upgrade from DICE 3.x at!
* "Torn Shapes of Desire: Internet Erotica", book, US$14.95

IAM products can be ordered direct from IAM via the web, mail, fax or phone. 

We don't accept COD orders, but do accept checks in US dollars, as well as
Visa and MC (no Amex or Discover).  Our shipping and handling charges are
flat-rate: you can order up to one of each of our products for the same
charge.  We ship via USPS or UPS at our option.  In the US: $6 for ground,
or $9 for air.  Elsewhere: $9 for surface and $15 for air. 

Our Amiga products are also available through Amiga dealers world wide. 

Intangible Assets Manufacturing
828 Ormond Avenue
Drexel Hill, PA  19026-2604
USA    -- bot mails you current info on our products   -- to ask questions or to place an order.

voice: +1 610 853 4406  (orders only, M-F 9-5 US Eastern time)
fax:   +1 610 853 3733