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                         Review: Aminet 16 CD-ROM
                            By:  Jason Compton 

Another Christmas season, another festive Aminet CD.

#16 in the series brings a whole mess of MODs (largely incorporated from
the recent MODS Anthology four CD set released recently by Schatztruhe), as
well as the latest and greatest from Aminet to your doorstep.

Nothing particularly earth-shattering is on the disc this time around, as
this is the second Aminet in a row without a headline commercial title
(although a couple of the older commercial games from Gamers Delight 2 are
on the disc) and there haven't been any notable changes made to the
interface or the format.

As usual, games and demos are broken down into a "best/compatible/rest"
format, allowing you to run some titles directly from CD with relative
impunity as to compatibility issues (Urban does the testing on a 4000/040,
which means those of us with 060s and/or graphic cards are relatively, but
not entirely, safe).

I am continually pleased to note that AR is generally in the CD's
"recommendations" listing, although he'll hopefully make the change
reflecting that I am no longer a VIScorp employee soon.

Aminet itself, and the Aminet CD series, shows no signs of slowing down. 
The CDs are coming more and more rapidly, with 7 CDs and one 4-disc Aminet
Set in 1996, beating the advertised pace of a bimonthly (6 CD per year)

If there's been any institution that is a prime example of not only
survival but incredible growth in the face of uncertainty in the Amiga
market, Aminet is it.  So kick back, hit the "shuffle" button in the Rock
MODs directory, and browse through the latest installment of Aminet, the
compendium of the collective wisdom of the Amiga community.

Aminet 16 is published by:

Veronikastr. 33
D-45131 Essen
+49 201 788778 voice
+49 201 798447 fax e-mail