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Just a short note to let everyone know that the Gateway Computer Show-Amiga
97 is progressing nicely.

We would like to welcome our three newest exhibitors and attendees:
  Amiga Report Magazine
  Compuquick Media Center
  NewTek, Inc.

Yup, that's right, NewTek.  We're mighty glad to have them and the other
vendors/exhibitors that have signed up.  You folks are what keeps the Amiga
alive.  Without your support, we'd have a mighty hard time.

Take a look at our updated show page at:

If you haven't gotten any of our yellow smiley faced flyers to distribute,
and you'd like to help out a little, send me an email that you want to send
some to your customers, and how many you need.  I'll get them right off.
So far we have distributed over 2400 to clubs and companies nation wide.

If you didn't hear from the last update, we also signed an agreement for 20
radio spots in St.  Louis the week leading up to the show.

If you want to see more done, send in your payments for your exhibitor
space.  We can always use your money to boost attendance and interest, and
that is what you want.  If you are exhibiting, don't forget to list us on
your home page.  List us in your flyers, and newsletters as well.  Tell
everyone that your coming to the show on March 15 & 16.  We have a logo
available which you can use as well.  Just email a message that you would
like one for inclusion in you ads, newsletters, flyers, home page or

Thanks & happy New Year.
Bob Scharp, Chairman
Gateway Computer Show - AMIGA 97
The Amiga Event, March 15 & 16, 1997
Show page:
email to: