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So Santa Claus didn't bring you that Shiny NEW Amiga this year under the
Christmas TREE!  Or your spouse brought you a LUMP of Coal in your

Well Northwest Amiga Group wants to fulfill your Holiday Wishes...

We have decided to raffle few items for just a few dollars, the feature
item is an Amiga 4060T that LOADED!  If you really don't need one of those
(I don't know anyone who doesn't and if you don't but have one send it my
way!) a second item is a SCSI Zip Drive.

Drop in at: check it out and best of
all if goes to a VERY good cause our Amiga Users group.

And while your at it check out our home page at

GOOD LUCK, Seasons greetings & Happy New Year!

Those of you without WEB access should contact the raffle administrator at: