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Greetings - 

The AmigaZone SIG (formerly on Portal and Plink, and now hosted by CalWeb
Internet) now has a World Wide Web interface! 

Yes, don't rub your eyes or ::gasp:: it's true!  You can now access the
AmigaZone's message bases and files via your web browser!

However, you must be an AmigaZone member.

Our new webbalized interface is at (with no "www").

After loading graphics on that page an authorization requester appears. 
Enter your AmigaZone account and password and you're in!  You can then use
your browser to read and post to our message bases and newsgroups, see
who's online, set your personal prefs (turn frames on and off depending on
if you want them or you prefer table displays), and search and download in
our vast file libraries.

This new Zone interface augments, and does not replace our WildCat BBS
style inteface at "telnet".  And our private FTP site at "ftp" is still there too of course.  Your same AmigaZone user ID
and password get you into all three.

We have two kinds of AmigaZone accounts available::

a) a free two-week trial account. Limited to 120 minutes per day, no
internet email, and no multiple simultaneous logins. If you wish to apply
for a two week free trial, visit our other web site at (the original Zone page which is still there and
will not go away) and read how. 

b) a full registered paid account.  $19.95 per month.  Gets you full 24
hour a day unlimited AmigaZone access to our files, messages, live chats,
your own email address, and you also get a full unlimited
access CalWeb UNIX shell account with 10 meg free storage and web page
hosting!  To sign up and become a paid member, see my .sig below.  Be sure
to say "AmigaZone Sent me" when you join, and signup is free.  MC/Visa or
have and invoice sent to you monthly.  CalWeb's phone support has *NO*
voice mail and is open 24 hours a day!

Many people have been clamoring for a web interface to the Zone.  Okay,
stop clamoring.  You got it. 

(Please note - the "chat" function on our new web site will not work with
anything but the Wildcat Navigator which is availble at for
Windows 3.1/95/NT only.  I'm working on getting it ported to the Amiga and
hopefully have success..  otherwise all the other web page functions will
work.  And AWeb-II seems to have problems with it, but IBrowse 1.02 works
fine as do emulated NetScape and Internet Exploder). 

Again, without an AmigaZone account you can visit this new site and admire
it but you can't log in.

For tons of info on what the AmigaZone is, visit our original web site at:

If you have a Zone account and wish to use it via the Web, visit our new
site at:

Harv Laser,
AmigaZone Sysop
*Portal AmigaZone has moved to CalWeb - signup is FREE!
*Call 1-800-509-9322 (24 hrs.), say "Amiga Zone sent me." 
*Visit for more info.