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Short:    *McAgenda* is a phonebook very easy to use, nice and useful!
Uploader: (Roberto Bizzarri)
Author:   Roberto Bizzarri,
Type:     biz/dbase
Requires: OS 2.0 (v37) and ReqTools.library
Version:  4.3
Replaces: biz/dbase/McA42.lha

McAgenda wants to be a simple phonebook.  I have written it to get rid of
all those big applications which require you to wander through plenty of
options just to get a phone number.  I'd rather use paper phonebooks for
that.  :) Or maybe i'd rather have used, because now there is McAgenda!

McAgenda needs OS 2.0+ (v37+) and "reqtools.library" (© Nico François &
Magnus Holmgren).

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Fidonet matrix : Roberto Bizzarri, 2:332/901.31
Snail mail     : Roberto Bizzarri, v. Giolitti 124, I-61100 Pesaro, ITALY