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Cyclone is a new Modula-2 compiler for the Amiga.  Although it can be used
for compiling standard Modula-2 programs, there is far more to Cyclone than
that.  Cyclone has added many features to Modula-2, including many you will
recognise from Modula-3, Oberon, ADA, E and C++.  What is more, it does
this without losing any consistency and Cyclone still feels like a Modula-2
compiler should.  The extensions to the standard Modula-2 language include
objects with polymorphism, exceptions, lists (like in E) and many more.

Cyclone also has a very good compiler.  It manages to achieve a compilation
speed faster than any C compiler, making program development faster and
easier than with a C compiler.  Even very large projects can compile in a
matter of seconds.  What is more, Cyclone does not sacrifice any code
quality in order to achieve these compilation speeds.  All the
optimisations you would expect from a professional compiler are there,
including function inlining, case table generation and peephole
optimisations and if all these optimisations aren't enough it also offers
one of the best inline assembler systems ever seen in an Amiga compiler.  
The resultant executables are also among the smallest produced by any
compiler, due to a smart linking system that doesn't waste any space and
the excellent optimiser, and can be made reentrent very easily.

Support for Cyclone is also impressive.  As well as Cyclone equivalents for
all the standard C includes, special modules are provided for things like
thread handling (courtesy of Robert Ennals), thread streams and Object
orientated features.  If the provided modules are not enough, Cyclone can
output standard blink compatible objects allowing you to link with programs
written in other languages.  A library linker is also provided to allow
easy creation of Amiga Libraries and it gives very high quality results.

However possibly the most incredible thing about Cyclone is that despite
it's incredible features and high quality code output, it is Giftware, so
even the poorest programmer has no excuse to not switch to Cyclone.

You can find Cyclone on Aminet (dev/m2).

Marcel Timmermans