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Amiga 3000 SCSI Chip Update

Two weeks ago a friend brought me a used Seagate SCSI 1 gig hd (ST-11200N)
for my A3000.  It seemed to work well, until I realized that long IFF files
were mangled in the transfers.

I thought about Bob Krusinski's article, 'SCSI Chip Upgrade', in the Amiga
Report 4.11 and that I might have one of those defective chips.

My friend, Ermanno Di Mario of DMgraphics, who brought me the hard disk had
the same idea and he brought over his Oktagon SCSI board to test.  After a
few days of smooth running it became evident that the problem was in the
old WD SCSI chip.

Ermanno contacted those few Amiga assistance labs that still exist in Italy
without finding a new chip.  Then he contacted an electronic distributer:
RS Components spa via Cadorna 66 Vimodrone (Milano) tel 039.2.274251

and found they had another WD SCSI chip in stock: WD33C93B-PL-00.  We went
to RS and they gave us a 15-page printout of chip specs in which it
indicated that it was backward compatible to the 'A' chip in most cases and
that it had SCSI-II capacity.  I took a chance and bought it.

The hard disk has been running perfectly on my A3000 for over a week now,
so I can say that Western Digital's WD33C93B-PL-00 is a good substitute. 
For those outside of the U.S.  who would have difficulty taking advantage
of Bob Krusinki's generous offer, the possiblity of finding the 'B' chip
shouldn't pose any great difficulty.
Stanley Tomshinsky..via Fiori Chiari 20..Milan 20121 Italy..+39.2.866992