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Db-Line Italy presents: DynosaursROM:

10 High quality dinosaurs objects for Imagine, LightWave 3D & 3DStudioMax.

10 objects complete of "Bones", control for the inverse kinematics and
"brushes" of bump, color and specular.For Imagine, LightWave 3D 5.0 and
3DStudioMax Scenes foreprepared with walk or run.  Animation rendered in
"AVI" and "FLC"

Available in versions for computer with a low memory...  objects and
brushes in "LowQuality" have more or less half poligons.  Objects in DXF
(without Brushes) - Objects in VRML without Brushes Doc and readme in
English, French and Italian.

DinosaursROM will be distributed by Db-Line and will be available during
January 97 at 149USD

for more information:

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