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To All:

I have just had a press release from the organisers of the last World of
Amiga Show asking me for a quote on the news they organising a new show,
set down for May 17th & 18th

It is being held in London at the Novatel (where it ws held last time).

For where I sit, this is just the boost the UK Amiga needs and with some
new projects due to be released around that time, it should be a very
interesting time of the year.  Hopefully, all those in the UK in Amiga misc
would like to express how they feel about this impending show.

I expect most of the Amiga press will have news items on this in their next

Larry Hickmott
LH Publishing, publisher's of DrawStudio, the premier illustration
package on the Amiga - get the demo, buy the package!

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