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                           News & Press Releases

     Amiga 4000T Raffle      NAG sponsors a 4060T raffle

P-OS at Computer Graphics 97 The would-be AmigaOS successor

   Gateway Computer Show     St. Louis' Amiga extravaganza update

   Upcoming UK Amiga Show    Another WOA UK is coming...

        IAM Pricing          They're keeping the low prices

       IAM Discovery         More Boing logos and a new treat

    AmigaZone Web Access     AmigaZone gets a WWW interface

     Easter 1997 Invite      Mekka and Symposium '97 parties

          McAgenda           Straightforward phone book program 

          McFiler            Catalogue/archive functions for Amiga

          McCloud            Lock out floppy access

     The Graffiti Card       A survey about the chunky adapter

      Dynosaurus ROM         CD-ROM of prehistoric 3D objects

   A3000 SCSI Chip Update    More news for A3000 users

     UltraAccounts 3.4       A personal accounting program

    AWN Popular Banners      Statistics from the Amiga Web Network

      Cyclone Compiler       New Modula-2 Compiler on Aminet

   Danish Amiga Magazine     AmigaAdvis is looking for readers

         PC-Task 4           Chris Hames releases the latest

    GTI Charts - Dec 96      Amiga distributor sales charts

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