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    compt.sys.editor.desk                          By:  Jason Compton 

Amiga Report 5.01.  Amiga Report 5.01.

Sorry, I just had to say it a couple more times before I actually believed

It really seems to be true, though--Amiga Report has entered its fifth year
of publication.  Its 113th issue--and the 95th since the first time an
article from me (an Emulation Examiner, later to become the Emulation
Rambler, which makes a long-overdue comeback in this very issue) first
showed up in the magazine.

But enough about Amiga Report and me for a minute.  Let's talk about the

It's 1997 now.  1996 could have gone a whole lot better.  We all know what
I mean, and I don't think there needs to be any more discussion on the

What remains to be seen is what 1997 will bring.  We stand at not just one,
but several cusps.  The Amiga acquisition is still an unclear picture, and
while there are only two companies which have publicly announced their
going intentions to acquire the Amiga technology (those being VIScorp and
QuikPak of the US), rumors of varying strength and legitimacy abound of
other companies taking an active interest in the Amiga properties.  In the
meantime, companies such as ProDAD, Phase5, and PIOS are jockeying for
positions to pick up Amiga market slack with "Amiga-like" computer
solutions, none of which have yet been released.  And there are even
rumblings of a new Amiga clone for the computer market.

For the record, I'd like to make the same promise I made back in 1995:
within six hours of receiving news and confirmation of a definitive Amiga
technology purchase, AR will release a special acquisition issue.

Amiga Report has borne through the years, and since 1993 has been dedicated
to providing timely, accurate news of the Amiga's voyage.  In 1997, we are
re-dedicated to following the Amiga and all of its successor technologies.
Amiga users are often worried about where continuing support will be coming
from.  Rest assured that Amiga Report will be here for you, as long as you
are here for the Amiga.

What is the future of the Amiga?  Who will be successful in their attempts
to purchase the technology?  Once purchased, how will the company in
question reconcile and deal with the independent successor technologies?  I
can't answer any of these questions right now, but I'll be watching.

I hope you will as well.  In the next months, the format of Amiga Report
will be changing somewhat--right now, I am leaning very heavily towards
making the main distribution of Amiga Report HTML.  Already, some of our
heaviest readership is on Web sites.  We last changed our magazine layout
format in 1995--and over the past two years, a number of high-quality and
easily obtainable HTML browsers have emerged.  Using A-Web, IBrowse,
Voyager, or perhaps something else, users can either access AR online, or
will be able to view the magazine in HTML as a local file.

We will make the transition gradually--in all likelihood, we will continue
to do AmigaGuide conversions of the magazine and will initially distribute
both the AmigaGuide and HTML versions on our mailing list, to give our
readers ample chance to find a browser they are comfortable with.  Both the
AmigaGuide and HTML versions would be placed on Aminet, but we will only
run one mailing list and in the long-term, the mailing list will likely
only distribute our main HTML format.  We're excited about the prospects
that HTML opens up, and hope you are looking forward to the transformation.

I can say, with all modesty and honesty, that I am extremely proud of what
Amiga Report has become since 1993.  In the past year, our mailing list
increased by 33%.  The number of Amiga Report mirrors and links around the
world is staggering, and response to AR on Aminet is always very warm.
Stick with us for the wild ride that being an Amiga user is, and we'll keep
bringing you what you're looking for.


PS: Due to a particularly embarrasing mistake on my part, some of the news
items submitted to AR were lost shortly before this issue was assembled.
We are waiting for a backup from our ISP, but in case this never shows up,
if you submitted a news item to AR that you don't see in this issue, please
re-send it.  Thanks!