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| The most downloaded files from Aminet during the week until 5-Jan-97
| Updated weekly. Most popular file on top.
|File              Dir        Size Age Description
|----------------- ---        ---- --- -----------
ar415.lha          docs/mags   86K   0+Amiga Report 4.15, December 31, 1996
akJFIF43x.lha      util/dtype 209K   0+AkJFIF-dt V43.19 (JPEG, 68000-060)
AVId.lha           gfx/show    16K   0+VERY FAST AVI player for AGA/020+
akPNG43x.lha       util/dtype 184K   0+AkPNG-dt V43.9 (PNG, 68000-060)
STFax.lha          comm/misc  104K   0+New powerful and user-friendly fax p
term_47b_pch.lha   comm/term  721K   0+Updates `term' v4.7 to v4.7b
akSVG43x.lha       util/dtype  62K   0+AkSVG-dt V43.9 (SVG, 68000-060)
amis_html.lha      comm/www    17K   0+WYSIWYG HTML editor for AMIS.
ar415.lha          docs/mags   86K   0+Amiga Report 4.15, December 31, 1996
amirc11_efnet.lha  comm/tcp    10K   0+Patch AmIRC 1.1 for broken Efnet ser
SSpeed21.lha       util/moni  349K   0+SysSpeed V 2.1 - THE Speedtester ! 
MysticView0.68.lha gfx/show    39K   0+MysticView a new viewer using Render
BloodBath10.lha    game/shoot 1.8M   0+A take'em-out-game with digitized gr
memdiff.lha        util/wb      6K   0+Shows memory usage of programs (MUI)
FractalDynamis.lha gfx/misc    19K 204+Yet another fractals generation prog
mw10.lha           util/wb      7K   0+Show memory in a window on WB
Identify.lha       util/libs   68K   0+Expansions, Hardware, Alerts, Functi
pcxdemo21.lha      misc/emu   527K   1+PCx Demo V2.1  Software x86 PC Emula
hippoupdate.lha    mus/play    50K   0+HippoPlayer v2.37 update 68000 fix
BlizzMagic.lha     util/boot   12K   0+V3.3 Softkicker+ for Blizzard 1230/4

| The highest rated programs during the week until 5-Jan-97
| Updated weekly. Best program on top. Please rate all the programs you
| download. To do so, send to :
| RATE <path> <num>
| where <path> is the file you want to judge and <num> is a mark from 0..10
| with 10 being the best. You can rate several programs in one mail, but
| don't rate your own programs. Example: RATE dev/gui/mui23usr.lha 8
|File              Dir        Size Age Description
|----------------- ---        ---- --- -----------
ManiacBall.lha     game/misc  427K   8+A multiplayer Breakout game V1.3
HL2Voyager.lha     comm/www     2K  33+Arexx script for converting hotlist
Play16_1.7.lha     mus/play   105K   4+Multi format sound player, supports
akJFIF43x.lha      util/dtype 209K   0+AkJFIF-dt V43.19 (JPEG, 68000-060)
PPaint7_Demo.lha   biz/cloan  540K   2+Cloanto Personal Paint 7 Demo Softwa
EO220.lha          biz/misc   313K   4+Everyday Organiser 2.20 (MUI) 
YAM13_4.lha        comm/mail  512K   2+MUI Internet mailer V1.3.4
BlobzHD.lha        game/demo  657K   8+`Blobz` Playable demo (AGA+Hard disk
PacMan96.lha       game/misc  571K   2+Superb PacMan-Clone, systemfriendly
lionhd.lha         game/patch   4K   4+HD Installer for Lion King AGA
Graal2a.lha        game/role  341K  11+Graphic Adventure Authoring Language
CyberAVI17.lha     gfx/show    55K   5+AVI animation player for CyberGraphX
akGIF43x.lha       util/dtype  39K   2+AkGIF-dt V43.8 ("GIF", 68000-060)
ReqToolsUsr.lha    util/libs  157K   3+ReqTools 2.7 - the requester toolkit
SerialPrefs24.lha  util/sys    51K   5+V2.4 - Extended Serial Preferences f
akPNG43x.lha       util/dtype 184K   0+AkPNG-dt V43.9 (PNG, 68000-060)
ampu101.lha        game/2play 793K   6+VERY GOOD Worms 'clone' ,AGA,Freewar
BOR_part1.lha      game/misc  627K   2+The best BREAKOUT-game for AMIGA par
Angband_1.x.lha    game/role  254K  23+Angband 297v6s executable for Amiga
AlienFF.lha        game/shoot 178K   6+Platform Shoot'Em Up with lots of bl
VWorlds21.lha      misc/sci   1.2M  33+Images of sky from any planet or com
mwm210.lha         comm/www   161K   2+Magic Web Maker v2.10. (3.x OS only)
SP-ProjectMan.lha  dev/misc   119K   0+Multi-projects sources files manager
Vermone2.lha       game/actio 393K   1+A very configurable Worm game
knock_out.lha      game/actio 365K   9+The ultimate Break Out-type game.
ApexGolf.lha       game/demo  200K   4+Great new golfing game from Apex.
playpac.lha        game/misc  281K   8+Pacman game with random levels
lupe.lha           util/wb     55K   6+V1.7, The magnifying glass program
PowerTetris114.lha game/misc  448K   4+Cool & Smooth Tetris Game (ECS, Shar
DC-StefanGfx.lha   game/data   96K   0+New game-gfx for Diamond Caves