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 20 Nov 1996

The following is a press release for Aurora Works Inc.

We would like to announce the launch of a new Amiga software company,
Aurora Works Inc.  AW's primary focus is to create quality games for Amiga
computers, especially the higher-end Amiga machines.  Our first commercial
release, _Zone 99_ , is scheduled for release in March, 1997 with our main
project, _Betrayed_ , to be released in time for Christmas next year.  Demo
and shareware versions of each title will be available sooner so check our
website at for more details.  Aurora Works' purpose is
to support the future of the Amiga computer and the new technologies that
are being created to bring that bright future to light!

For more information contact us at the following mailing address or email
us at,

Aurora Works Inc.
358-114 Queen Mary Rd.
Kingston, ON K7M 7E8

Phone: +1 (613) 549-0204