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Symposium '97 Demoparty Invitation

Symposium '97
  Mekka '97

 The Official Invitation


Half a year is over now since the Symposium '96 and Mekka '96 parties took
place.  The Symposium, as a multi-platform party, and the Mekka for the PC
scene are both remembered as important events for the German demo scene.

After several announcements, both inofficial and official, it's now time to
give you a more precise invitation text.  Next year's event combines the
parties which stood in competition to each other last year, to provide you
with a great deal of fun.


The Symposium + Mekka '97 will be a demo scene party involving all
important platforms: the Amiga, the PC, the C64 and the Atari Falcon
systems.  We also support the Acorn RISC PCs, though the scene is a bit
limited on these nice computers.  Of course you are invited to bring your
SGI workstation or BeBox as well.

Symposium '96 has been visited by 640 people, Mekka '96 had about 300
visitors - if this adds cleanly, next year's party is for sure an event not
to miss.

---> WHEN.

Join us at Easter 1997, when the doors swing open on 28th March, 1200 CET.
The party will last until 31st March, 1200 CET.

The entrance fee amounts to 40 DM.  We don't accept foreign currencies.

---> WHERE.

The location is supposed to be the same as the last one, located in the
very near south of Hamburg.  The address is:

  Veranstaltungszentrum "Burg Seevetal"
  Am Goehlenbach 11
  D-21218 Seevetal

It has got enough room for about 1000 people and a quite decent video and
sound system.  The space is further extended by a 200 sqm tent outside the
Burg.  Don't worry about winter, it will be *hot*.

This is how to reach the Burg: If you're going to come by train, you first
have to arrive at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (main station) and take the S3 or
S31 (on Gleis 4, HVV price 4DM) to "Harburg", where we will pick you up
with the Symposium shuttle service, which *will* be present this time. 
Alternatively, you can use one of the public busses to "Seevetal" coming
every hour (148).  Coming by plane, you will use the bus shuttle service to
the station "Ohlsdorf", wait for the U1, get out at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof
and, again, take the S3/S31 to reach "Harburg".

For the case that you own a car, you have two possibilities to visit us:
The A1 ("Autobahn 1") and the A7.  Coming from the north or south via
A7/B4, you have to leave at Abfahrt "Fleestedt".  Then roll down the
"Hittfelder Landstraáe" (part of the B4) southwards and follow the sign
"Veranstaltungszentrum".  Coming from east or west via A1, take the Abfahrt
"Hittfeld" and follow the signs.  We are trying hard to put up "Symposium"
street signs in a wide range.

As a last note we want to add that we are about to find a new, slighty
bigger location.  New addresses will probably be published in the Web page
and in the invitation demos.


Everyone talks about Internet.  So do we: Lots of IRC terminals and even
the possibility to surf the Web will be provided.  A party network with IRC
access is also planned.

While a repetition of the laser show is not absolutely sure, we can
announce that Noisedrift will do a live act again, other musical
attractions will take place, too, like Ronny/Teklords and the FX Performer
who will do a live ambient turntable mix.

Now that we're organizing this party, you might think that all you can do
is visiting it.  This is wrong: We give you the one and only chance to
produce yourself.  If you want to give a lecture on something or if you
have another idea of enriching the event, you're very welcome to do so.  We
would like you to contact us as soon as possible, though.

By the way: anyone who took last year's announcement of nude girls for
serious should think about his sense of humor.  What we want to say is that
we can't announce every single feature and every surprise competition. 
However, you can be sure that the party will be really entertaining.

It will be even more entertaining if the doom-playing kiddies would
consider to stay at home with their parents, please.

Last but not least, for the most traditional feature of demo scene parties,
we have reserved an own chapter which deals with...


The Symposium + Mekka '97 will offer you these fine competitions.  A
competition will only be held if we get at least 5 entries for it, this
magic number may be decreased for the smaller scenes, e.g.  Atari and

The usual conditions are valid: An artist or group may only give one entry
per competition, one person must be present.  Voting is done by the
audience.  Anonymous competition means that the entry must not reveal who
the author is.  A separate version including a tag can be provided and will
be spread instead.

This is a short version of the rules:

 Graphics: (ANONYMOUS)
     Max. 640x512 24bit, IFF, GIF, PNG, JPEG. Raytracing is allowed.

 Graphics C64: (ANONYMOUS)
     All formats/modes allowed, executable file.

 ProTracker Module:
     We will show 3 minutes, max. 1MB unpacked.

     1.4MB unpacked, playable by CubicPlayer or executable. We will
     show 3 minutes.

 Music C64:
     All formats allowed, executable file - the C64 screen will not
     be shown during the compo!

 4K Intro:
     for Amiga and PC only.

     Amiga 40K, PC 64K, Atari 96K.

     Amiga, PC, Atari, Acorn: 4MB, must not require installation
     (Assigns, Libs, Drivers...). C64: Standard 5.25 DD disk.
     We will show 15 minutes max.

     PC only jump'n'run or shoot'em-up game. 32K maximum.
     The coder will play it on the big screen.

     Anything on VHS or S-VHS.

     Use any hardware you want.

Competition configurations:

     68030 @50MHz, 2+16MB, AGA. 68060 is optional.

     Pentium 133, 16MB, Ultrasound+SoundBlaster.

     Standard Falcon configuration.

     New SID, Action Replay MK6, 1541-II disk drive.

     Bring your own ;-)


The groups involved in organizing the Symposium + Mekka '97 are Polka
Brothers, Lego, Phantasm (for Amiga), Amable (for PC), Avena (for Atari)
and Smash Designs (for C64).

But what do names mean?  It's the experience that matters.  And that's what
we can *boast* with: seven Symposiums, the Mekka '96, the 680xx Convention
1993 and an in-depth knowledge of the scene provide us with the power
necessary for organizing such an event.


... in upcoming invitation intros around X-Mas,
    at least for Amiga, PC and C64,

... on our extensive World Wide Web page,

... directly from the organizers,


     Frank Schliefer - Am Musterplatz 27 - 21220 Seevetal, GERMANY (Gandalf/Phantasm)

     Michael Krause - Mannesallee 24 - 21107 Hamburg, GERMANY, (Raw Style/Lego)


     Malte Kanebly - Im Dorfe 3 - 21107 Hamburg, GERMANY (Hardball/Amable) (Starcode/Independent)

   C64: (Chaotic/Smash Designs)

   Atari: (Jet/Avena)

... on the Black Box BBS,

   +49 4105 84619  (v34)
   +49 4105 669011 (ISDN)

... via voice,

   +49 4168 8611 (Hardball)