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An open letter to the Amiga Community from QuikPak

The past few years have not been kind to the Amiga Community.  Since the
demise of Commodore, the ownership and future of the Amiga has been
continually uncertain.  The only thing that has remained constant is the
loyalty of Amiga users.  It is with respect to this loyalty that we feel it
necessary to let YOU know the current state of affairs and what QuikPak is
doing to see that the Amiga has the successful future it so deserves.

Back when Amiga Technologies was owned by Escom, QuikPak was selected to
manufacture the complete A4000T and components for the A1200.  During the
collapse of Escom and the subsequent negotiations with VisCorp, QuikPak
continued manufacturing and servicing Amiga Computers.  Throughout this
time of uncertainty, QuikPak continued to support the platform, placing ads
in the North American publication Amazing Computing, forging alliances with
Amiga developers and supporters, and developing new products of our own. 
Recently, at AmigaFest in Toronto, we unveiled two new computers and we
have been shipping the 060 Accelerator for the A4000T.  We believe this
product development clearly demonstrates our commitment to the Amiga.

It now appears evident that negotiations between VisCorp and Amiga
Technologies have reached a standstill.  As a creditor of Amiga
Technologies, QuikPak has a vested interest in seeing the future of the
Amiga handled properly.  To this end, QuikPak has placed an offer in front
of the German liquidator for Amiga Technologies, and we are awaiting
further information regarding this.

What does this mean to you, the end user?  QuikPak believes that there is
more to the Amiga than a simple set top box.  We believe that the A4000 and
its successors have a place in the market.  We believe that a model along
the lines of the A1200 also can play an important role in the future of the
Amiga.  We further believe that products currently under development at
QuikPak can bring the Amiga back to the forefront in innovation.  We
believe that working closely with developers, other manufacturers,
distributors, and dealers is necessary to make the Amiga a success.  And,
perhaps most importantly of all, we believe in listening to you, the person
who has kept this platform alive.

We hope that the new year will allow us to bring you good news, that
QuikPak will be successful in our negotiations with the German liquidator.
We trust that the liquidator will move quickly, and justly, to see these
events through.  We encourage any and all input from the Amiga Community -
let us know what you want to see.  And, finally, we encourage those
responsible for handling the Amiga Technologies' assets to be as open as we
at QuikPak are striving to be.

Dave Ziembicki
QuikPak Corporation

Dan Robinson
Director of Business Development of Amiga Computers
QuikPak Corporation