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Informer Looking for Announcements


Just a short message to any and all Amiga developers interested in getting
their products announced and seen by thousands of Amiga users.

My name is Fletcher Haug and I'm the publisher and Editor of The Amiga
Informer Zine.  We currently print and distribute 5000 issues bimonthly. 
These issue are distributed directly to Amiga users, and you know how rabid
they (we) can be.

The Informer offers both commercial and shareware authors a way to have
their products announced in the print medium­completely without charge. 
This opens up a whole new group of people who may normally not see the Net
based postings of your product. 

If you would like your product announced in The Amiga Informer, Email the
information to: Keep your announcement or press release as
short as possible and include all pertinent contact info (similar to a
"readme" file).  We have limited space available in each issue but will
fill that space with as many submissions as possible.

In addition, The Amiga Informer also prints reviews of commercial and
shareware (registered version) products.  If you would like your product
reviewed and the results printed in a future issue, contact The Informer
for more details.

The Informer is dedicated to bringing the latest news, announce- ments,
reviews and information to Amigans thought the print me- dium.  Send us
your information so we may pass along the fact that the Amiga is still a
platform supported by many fine and committed programmers.


Fletcher Haug
The Amiga Informer Zine
PO Box 21
Newburgh, NY 12551-0021
Voice: 914-566-4665
Visit The Informer Homepage at: