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Issue #5 of The Amiga Informer is now available and ready for reading!.  
What's The Informer?  The Amiga Informer (ISSN 1089-4616) is a B&W Amiga
print Zine full of information and contacts which helps readers stay
connected with new developments, products, reviews and the latest news. 
The Informer's staff are all committed and passionate Amiga us- ers, and
are proud to produce the entire newsletter using only Amiga computers.

Issue 5 has 20 pages full of useful information for the dedicated Amiga
user.  Our cover stories detail the new phase 5 A/Box and discusses the
toll of the still pending Amiga sale.  Inside we present the winner of the
prize drawing (DiskSalv 4 and "Connect Your Amiga!") along with an-
nouncing the prizes up for grabs in the next issues (MRBackup and Megaball

This issue's news stories include ZyXel's new ISDN card that works with
Amigas, Carl Sassenraths leaving VIScorp, VIScorp's capitol injection to
Amiga Technologies, PageStream 3.2 release, Phase 5's PowerUp project,
AmigaZone's special deal, Village Tronics Picasso IV GFX card, Petsoff's
Delfina sound card and more.  In our "Developments" section we profile
AmiTrix Development and welcome Digital Lightyear Tech- nologies to the
Amiga fold.  In the "Announcements" section we highlight nearly 2 pages of
fine new Amiga products and provide info on upcom- ing Amiga shows.

In the "Enhancements" section Brad Webb continues his Workbench Extras
column, detailing useful programs no Amiga should be without.  In the "Site
Seeing" section, Davis Sprague details the use of Email and some fine Amiga
programs that make using it much easier.  In the PD Pick section, Davis
summarizes 3 interesting and very useful internet assesories programs
you're sure to love. 

We present two reviews in the "Evaluations" section.  First is Brad Webb's
assessment of Megaball 4, followed by a review of IAM's book "Connect your
Amiga!" by Lance Haug.  Issue 4 finishes off with a list of excellent
Internet sites and fine Amiga dealers in the "Contacts" section and a large
selection of used Amiga products for sale from our subscrib- ers in the
"Marketplace" section.

Issue 5 is hot off the press and waiting for you to read!  To receive a
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