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 Convergence International News

In the few months since Convergence was formed it has grown rapidly with
users of many non-Wintel computers from all over the world joining us.  
However we are still relatively small, and would like to see even more
people sign up in 1997 (after all it is free!).

This month Convergence has taken over Xodus, a smaller group with very
similar aims to us, so that resources can be pooled.  Xodus members have
all joined the Convergence group, and projects that were being worked on by
Xodus, including the UAPI project, have been transferred to the CIDG.  To
take advantage of the awareness of the Xodus name, which Convergence has
acquired, the Convergence International Development Group (CIDG) will be
known as Xodus (it also has the advantage of being less of a mouthful to
say :-).

In 1997 we hope to expand membership, further build the Convergence web
site, and raise awareness of Convergence and the platforms it supports.  We
also hope 1997 will be a year packed with new technology and products
(there are certainly lots of exciting rumours...), as well as a very
successful year for Acorn, Amiga, Apple, ARM, Be, PIOS, Psion, and all the
other innovative computer designers.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New year, from,

Steve Crietzman, George Hussey, and James Sears
Founding members of Convergence International

About Convergence International

Convergence is a user group for users of all non-Wintel computers, which
was created earlier this year (1996) with the intention of bringing
together the non-Wintel community to present a unified front to face the
Wintel threat, as well as looking to the future and supporting the emerging
Network Computer and Set Top Box technologies.

Convergence International's main aims are to support non-Wintel computer
users, and highlight the strengths and successes of non-Wintel technology
to attract new users.  To fulfil these aims we are developing a web site to
provide extensive information, advice on software and hardware, and help
for new users.

The web site will also serve as a reference for people looking to purchase
a computer.  We intend to produce a library of system set ups, detailing
required hardware, software, and add ons, to perform a wide variety of
tasks.  Demonstrating to purchasers that non-Wintel technology can
accomplish the end results they desire, often more efficiently and easily,
encouraging users to switch from Wintel.  After all, the majority of people
are not interested in the type of computer they use as long as it does the
job they bought it for.

One of Convergence's other important aims is to promote compatibility
between the non-Wintel computers.  Convergence have set up the Convergence
International Development Group (CIDG), codenamed Xodus, to develop
software simultaneously for the supported platforms to support this aim.


Convergence International invites users of supported platforms, and people
interested in associated technology, to join the group.  Membership is
totally free: people interested in joining should simply e-mail with their
details, or use the form provided on our web site.

Members have opportunity to participate in various projects to help
Convergence International to fulfil its aims, but, of course, a member can
do as little or as much as they want.  Convergence International also
welcomes corporate members, sponsors, and funding of any kind.

To find out more about Convergence International, please see our web site
at, or contact us using any of
the methods listed below.

 Contact Details
 Address Convergence International
         49, St Gilberts Road
         PE10 9XD
         United Kingdom
         (Please include SASE for reply)
 IRC     #Converge (IRCnet), Sundays/Wednesdays (9pm GMT)