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Because of the many requests from both Team *AMIGA* members and non-members
alike, Team *AMIGA* is organizing a database of Dealers and Developers for
the Amiga platform.  Anyone in software/hardware development, wholesale, or
retail areas are asked to join.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A TEAM AMIGA MEMBER

This database of Dealers/Developers will be shared with anyone asking for
information on where to purchase Amiga computers, Amiga hardware, or Amiga
software.  Both Commercial and non-commercial developers are welcome. 
Wholesale and Retail Dealers will be gladly accepted as well!

If you publish software or books, develop and/or sell hardware or software
and want the Amiga users to be able to find you for purchases/information,
you need to be listed!

*There is ONLY one request!  You must agree that your predominant focus
will be on *Amiga* related advertising/info in any referrals we send to
you.We are attempting to support our loyal Amiga dealers and developers,
not push users away from the Amiga platform.

Note that PC ONLY advertising will not be allowed!

Simply fill in the following and send thru email or snail mail to:

Gary Caine

Inet :
Fido : 1:140/58.1


Gary Caine
Box 464
Dalmeny, Sask. Can
S0K 1E0

--------------------------------Cut Company Form-----------------------

Email me with the subject title "Amiga Companies"

Please use this form.
Enter "N/A" for info that doesn't apply.

Company Name:

Contact Person:



Phone Number for Info:

Phone Number for Orders:


Modem Number:

Inet Address:

Fido Address:

HTTP Address:

Type of Products:
(Software, hardware, both)

I agree to focus on *Amiga* related information for all referrals sent to
our company thru this listing with the understanding that we may or may not
also offer pc related items due to the current market and situation!  I
further agree that no pc ONLY advertising or info will be presented to any
referrals from this listing.

By ________________________________

------------------------------End Cut Company Form---------------------

Another FREE service sponsored by Team *AMIGA*!

(Team *AMIGA* reserves the right to make this database available to all
Amiga users and interested parties.)

Please support our Amiga dealer/developers.  Pass this form on to your
favorites today!