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Upcoming C-64 music CD?

Much as there have been MOD CDs on the Amiga before, a project is underway
to make a physical CD of classic C-64 tunes.  The information sent to Amiga
Report is below.  We'll have more information when it becomes available.

Track listing (* still subject to copyright clearance)

Thing on a Spring (3:57)
Monty on the Run Title (6:19)
Delta Title (2:44/1:33)
Delta Endgame (3:12/4:28)
Sanxion Loading Tune (5:16)
Crazy Comets (4:23)
Auf Wiedersehn Monty (6:00)
Stormlord Intro (5:40)
Cybernoid 1 (7:14)
Cybernoid 2 (6:16)
Savage (6:30)
Turbo Outrun Title (3:40)
Last Ninja (4:00)*
Wizball (3:40)*
Ocean Loading Music v3 (2:30)*
Lightforce (7:00)*
Rambo (3:47)*

Reserve tunes
BMX Kidz

Although comments are welcome on the track listing, we are unlikely to
change it significantly now.  However, requests are welcome for volume 2
(dependent on the success of volume 1). 

Price: we do not have enough information yet.

Bear in mind that these are very different arrangements from my previous
MIDI versions, and use a lot more equipment, and some real

Also, most people have only heard them through not-too-good SB16s or
wavetable soundcards.  They sound competely awesome on CD (half of the
tracks are already finished).

The tracks are being released with the full permission of the copyright
holders, and will also be pre-approved by them for quality.

Thanks for your message of support, anyway.  Every message makes this
project more viable.  We'll try and keep you up-to-date with news.

Chris Abbott and Zak Ghouze
Commodore 64 Anthology Project