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AmiTrix                      PRESS RELEASE               December 25, 1996

                     AWeb-II, v2.1 Plugin Updates!

AmiTrix Development is pleased to announce the release of several updates
to the version 2.1 package of "AWeb" by Yvon Rozijn.  Disk packages that
ship in the new year will contain these, and the updates can be freely
obtained by existing customers from our AWeb page. 

Note:- you can now reach our web site using the new "" URL.

Finnish and German translations of the AWeb html docs; Postscript versions
of the English docs; and new Norsk, Finnish, & Icelandic Catalogues are now
available from our page.  Additional datatypes and other utilities are
being added along with other items as noted below.

A small number of packages (20) were released without the AWebFTP archive
on the second disk.  Most of these have been accounted for, but if you are
missing this file, it can also be obtained from our web page.

More plugins such as the AWeb online News Reader, and an updated version of
HTTX are being added to the package on a running basis, so check our web
pages periodically for new information.

AWebNews v1.7 - An Amitrix Christmas Present!

 Season's Greeting to All !

Amitrix would like to thank all the AWeb users for their support and
encouragement in the past year.  It has helped make this our most
successful year ever!

Please accept, as a small gift, the new version of AWebNews.  It is now
available to all on the AWeb home page (
You can go there with the AWeb-II help menu.

AWebNews 1.7 includes:

  - html docs ( thanks to Gabriele Favrin of HTTX fame )
  - progress report window
  - complex message filter
  - subject scanning
  - online context help
  - installer script
  - auto link to URL's
  - abort function
  - save file requester
  - many more improvements
  - sorry. TermiteTCP is not supported
    You must have a valid "TCP:" device.


I personally would like to thank all my beta tester's for all the work and
excellent suggestions they have provided over the last few months.

 Merry Christmas to all!!!

 Hug a friend, and help a stranger. This is the season of Peace.

Bill (William  Parker)

MSRP for AWeb-II v2.1 is $45.00US/$60.00CAN. Add $5 S&H for direct orders.

Dealer and Customer inquiries welcomed!  For more information, ordering
AmiTrix products or dealer locations, contact us at:

AmiTrix Development,
5312 - 47 Street,
Beaumont, Alberta, T4X 1H9

Email: (preferred if possible)

Phone or Fax: 1+ 403-929-8459

(Please leave your mailing address, phone/fax number, &/or email address 
on phone messages when requesting information.)

You may also contact us via email at the following addresses.