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                           News & Press Releases

 Open Letter From QuikPak    QuikPak tosses its hat in the ring

      Australian News        Courtesy of our friends at Amiga News Australiasia

       AWeb-II News          2.1 Plugins out!

   Carl Sassenrath Quits     The most influential VIScorp flame to date

    VIScorp Injunction       VIScorp wins an injunction against IVP

 Convergence International   Expanding alternative computing

      Amiga Informer         The new US print mag

   Announcements Wanted Amiga Informer

     UltraAccounts 3.3       Financial management software

  Symposium '97 Demoparty    A German Easter demo party

     Aurora Works Inc.       A new Amiga game company

    DataKompaniet Info       Net contact info changed

           IARS              A new Amiga survey

  Digital Universe Update    News from Syzygy

     VTU/Lightwave Pro       Harv Laser's take on the cancellation

         C64 Music           An upcoming audio CD

    User Group Database      Team Amiga is building references

 Dealer/Developer Database, too.

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