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We need your help.  Please spread the word about the quality of our
products and about these special sale prices (up to 40% off!). 

The best way to get more information about IAM is through the Web:  We also have an AmigaGuide format catalog of our Amiga
products which can be FTP'd from file://, and
you can get an automatic reply with current information on our products by

Low sale prices valid through 31-Dec-96: 

* A book on Amiga networking and telecommunications: "Connect Your Amiga!
  A Guide to the Internet, LANs, BBSs and Online Services" revised second
  printing (1996) US$19 + s/h, or with 8 freely redistributable disks for
  only $39 + s/h

* DiskSalv4 -- the commercial release of Dave's disk utilities US$30 +
  only $39 + s/h

* MRBackup 2.5 $45+s/h (upgrade from earlier registered versions for
* SPECIAL: DiskSalv4 and MRBackup together for only $60!

* Dave Haynie's "The Deathbed Vigil..." video, NTSC or PAL US$19 + s/h
  (originally $35), or only $35 including the T-shirt below...

* The Deathbed Vigil T-Shirt, $17+s/h (size S, L, XL, XXL) includes eject
  logo on the front and signatures of most Amiga engineers on the back.
* The Amiga-only peer-to-peer networking software Amiga Envoy, US$45 + 
  s/h (2-user)

* MegaBall4, a tres cool video game, $30 + s/h Get a Free XL MegaBalls
  T-shirt when you order MB4 at the regular price, or get MegaBall4 for
  only $19 + s/h!
* DICE 3.2 C Development Environment (full price $100+s/h, students and
  competitive upgrades only $75 +s/h)  Upgrade from DICE 3.x at!

* "Torn Shapes of Desire: Internet Erotica", book, $14.95

We don't accept COD orders, but do accept checks in US dollars, as well as
Visa and MC (no Amex or Discover).  Our shipping and handling charges are
flat-rate: you can order up to one of each of our products for the same
charge.  We ship via USPS or UPS at our option.  In the US: $6 for ground,
or $9 for air.  Elsewhere: $9 for ground and $15 for air. 

Our Amiga products are available through Amiga dealers world wide.  Small
dealers in North America can order from Software Hut.  For end-users
without a local dealer, three of our larger mail-order dealers (in
alphabetical order) are: Safe Harbor (1 800 544 6599), Software Hut (1 800
932 6442), and Zipperware (206 223 1107).

Intangible Assets Manufacturing
828 Ormond Avenue
Drexel Hill, PA  19026-2604
USA    -- bot mails you current info on our products   -- to ask questions or to place an order.

voice: +1 610 853 4406  (orders only)
fax:   +1 610 853 3733

P.S. We will be at the "Gateway Computer Show -- Amiga 97" in St. Louis on
March 15 & 16, 1997.