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Hi everyone.  This message is being sent out to registered owners of "The
Digital Universe", and though it is not completely "Digital
Universe"-specific, we thought we would let you know of a few changes to
our web site.

Essentially, we've added two new features:

- a WebBoard: This allows you to post public messages and carry on
discussion with other users about a wide variety of topics.  We encourage
Digital Universe owners to use this service to talk with others who share
your interest in astronomy.

- a Guest Book:  Please take a moment to sign our guest book and provide us
with any comments you might have about our services.

Both of these services are accessible from our home page at

And if you haven't already discovered our "Astronomical Image Library", we
also maintain the largest searchable index of astronomical images available
on the Internet - 17,000 and growing.  Join the thousands who are currently
using this resource to find images of any particular astronomical object. 
It's accessible at

We thank you for your continued support!

Syzygy Research & Technology Ltd. |email:,
B 1204-17a St. NE                 |,
Calgary, AB, T2E 4V5, CANADA      |- Creators of "The Digital Universe"
Phone: (403) 276-1250             |- home of "The Astronomical Image Library"
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