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PC Communication Inc., Hong Kong, a well recognized OEM manufacturer of
peripheral devices, has unified its PCom//CD Series of CD-ROM drive kits:


Some unique features and benefits for volume buyers are:

- Use of low cost ATAPI CD-ROM drives with most personal computers.
- Supports almost any ATAPI CD-ROM drive up to 12x speed.
- Rate optimization ensures a maximum data transfer rate:
  Parallel 1.2 MB/sec, PCMCIA 2.0 MB/sec.
- Checksum protection ensures error free reading.
- Long term investment protection due to universal driver support.
- Only one external power adapter for all ATAPI CD-ROM drives, and for
  other PCom// Series.

At the same time PCom would like to announce > PCom//120FLOPPY < which is
in a prototype stage and will be produced from November 1996.  We would
like to get inquiries from the Amiga community, whether PCom//120FLOPPY is
interesting for volume buyers for use of the removable 120MB Floppy under

PCom also has been developing an innovative > PCom//CD-RECORDER < offering
all advantages of PCom//CD combined with 100% error free writing of Master
CD-ROMs.  Production is scheduled for spring 1997.

For more information, please visit our newly established Internet presence
at .  Inquiries from volume buyers are welcome.
Please, only use the provided eMail form to submit a qualifyed inquiry.
Thank you for your attention,

PC Communication Ltd., Hong Kong
International Sales