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                                Games News
                            By:  Ken Anderson 

It's happening - the long summer drought of Amiga games is finally coming
to an end.  Many thought that it was all over for the Amiga, and the games
market had died a death.  Certainly most of the big US software houses has
moved onto greener PC pastures, but the gap left by them has been filled by
the small, independant companies.

Vulcan Software, the UK-based mainstays of the Amiga games scene, look set
to dominate AR's reviews section with several titles currently under

JetPilot, a flight simulator (bet you worked that one out yourself), will
probably be the first of the titles to be released.  Billed as "The
Realistic Flight Simulator", the claim can be believed if the number of
keypresses available count for anything.  JetPilot is scheduled for release
around the start of November, and we will be reviewing it as soon as we

Tiny Troops ("Where War is Fantastic!") should be with us at the start of
Decemeber.  If the slogan reminds you of Cannon Fodder, the game probably
will too; tiny aliens slog it out in MicroMachines-style landscapes.  From
the previews we have, Tiny Troops is shaping up well, combining war-game
tactics with fast action.

Hell Pigs looks to be the Amiga's biggest ever graphic action adventure,
shipping on 22 floppies.  More exciting still is the planned CD-ROM
version, complete with Full Motion Video, actor-spoken speech and an 18/X
certificate on the box.  From the pre-release screenshots, Hell Pigs is
looking pretty tasty, and hopefully the gameplay will match up when it's
released in January 97.

Finally, Breed 2000 - a working title which may yet change - is a
redevelopment of Damian Tarnwasky's shareware hit Breed 96.  When Amiga
Report reviewed Breed 96 earlier this year, we rated it highly with
comments such as "polished and classy", "a belter of a game" and "easy to
play".  We therefore wait with baited breath for the commercial version,
and we think you should too.

Vulcan have also announced their web site is now fully up and running,
complete with playable demos of most forthcoming titles.  If you can, make
sure you visit Vulcan WWW at

Aside from Vulcan, there's an exciting new release from Apex Software
entitled "Blobz".  Based heavily on the Psygnosis's classic Lemmings series
of games, Blobz sets the player as a god over several ...  er ...  blobs
that, for some reason, need to get from A to B without being killed.  From
the demo on Aminet (game/demo/blobz.lha), Blobz is an addictive,
well-written game that should appeal to anyone who had even a passing fancy
for Lemmings.  We should be bringing you a full review in the next issue.

Other interesting game demo's on Aminet include a Wipeout clone,
Slipstream, which is really nothing more than a demo of a game engine, but
very promising nonetheless.  We also have information on Uropa² from Austex
software; again, a review is pending.  All this plus the imminent release
of Chaos Engine 2 from Warner ... 

Our advice is - don't hang up that joystick yet.