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    compt.sys.editor.desk                          By:  Jason Compton 

Another issue of AR, and once again it is my lot to have to remind everyone
that as far as the Amiga acquisition goes, nothing worth mentioning has
happened yet.

So, life goes on.  I've been trying to relax lately by watching the
patterns generated by the MindEYE, the neat new device that is the
successor to the old MindLight.  The MindEYE takes the sound around it and
mathematically turns it into a limitless variety of visual displays--some
boring, some stunning.  It takes some playing around with the (very
powerful) software to get the hang of it, so that review will wait for a
later issue of AR.

Meanwhile, I'm off to Cologne, Germany, where I'll be at the Computer '96
show on Friday and Saturday, as the guest of Schatztruhe, the publisher of
the Aminet CD-ROM series and much more.  I know I'll be meeting a lot of
friends and readers there, and look forward to it a great deal.  It'll also
be a chance to have my first look in 11 months (since the WOA Toronto '95)
at Phase5's PowerPC technology, and my first-ever chance to see StormC in

Before I let you loose on Amiga Report, I'd like to stop a moment to answer
a rather brutal attack on my person from Amiga Monitor, a new online
magazine.  While I have nothing personally against Amiga Monitor (I'm
happier when AR isn't the only major English-language online magazine) or
its editor and founder, Michael Webb (a nice individual who I met on a
CompuServe conference this summer), the magazine puts editorial stock in
one Samuel Ormes, a contributor to the magazine.

Mr.  Ormes, who many might remember from his "Sam Report"s, (most infamous
among them being the 1995 posting that positively stated that CEI had
completed the purchase of the Amiga from the Commodore bankruptcy), alleges
that I have, among other things, "sold my soul for a paycheck", in
reference to my consultant contract with VIScorp.

At first, I found the charge too outrageous to deserve comment.  But after
receiving some e-mails asking me to respond, I think I'd best get this over

Since I first became a writer for Amiga Report in 1993, I've poured
countless hours of my life, at my own expense, into the Amiga, its
advocacy, and the support of its users, through Amiga Report and in other
forums.  No, that work has not been without its payoffs.  I have greatly
enjoyed the satisfaction I get when I know that tens of thousands around
the world are served by Amiga Report and its content, delivered more or
less promptly to them at no charge.  I like getting e-mail from people
thanking me for being a helpful resource.  I like being able to talk with
movers and shakers in the Amiga market to see where things are going--what
products are upcoming, who's working on new games, what hardware product is
going to be the talk of the town for the next few months.

And yes, I have enjoyed those times when I've been able to put my knowledge
and experience in the Amiga market to work for me.  In the past, I worked
for Wonder Computers Inc.  of Canada, and acted as a consultant for a law
firm pursuing a suit indirectly related to Commodore.  Presently, I act as
Communications Manager to VIScorp in preparation for the Amiga acquisition
the company is working on, and also handle elements of operation for a
video and 3D graphics firm.

I will make no apologies, to Mr.  Ormes or to anyone else, for any of this.
Personally, I feel great pride that my work on the Amiga has proven a
useful asset.  It makes claims that "The Amiga is dead" or "You can't make
money with an Amiga" seem that much more ridiculous.  As for somehow
abandoning or betraying people because I am gainfully employed as a direct
result of my Amiga knowledge, that is patently ridiculous.

When situations seem difficult, there are those who are willing to work
towards a better tomorrow, and then there are those who choose to blame
others for their misfortune and do nothing to improve their situation.  I
think my record as a servant to the Amiga community speaks for itself and
needs no further comment.

Thank you for bearing with me on this.  Enjoy the issue, and I'll see (some
of you) in Cologne.  Katherine Nelson and I will be in Toronto for the
World of Amiga 1996 in mid-December, so I hope to see my North American
friends and readers there as well.


PS: Thanks to AmiCon for a great time at the Midwest Amiga Expo.  I
apologize for not having a show report for AR readers, but to be really
honest, I saw very little of the show as I spent almost the entire time in
conversations, answering questions and such.

Also, my apologies in general to those who have requested mailing list
changes lately.  It's been tough getting time to sit down and make the
needed alterations.  If you're looking to subscribe, the majordomo can do
it automatically.  Details are in the magazine, right  here. 

As a final note, yes, I DO plan to finish a number of the "multi-part"
reviews that I've left hanging up in the air.  On the list are Final Calc
and the Blizzard 1260.  All when time permits...