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The demo version of Pretium is now available!  Pretium is the premier
financial software package designed for the Amiga.  It is as simple to use
as writing in your checkbook, but advanced enough to take advantage of the
power of your Amiga.  The commercial version is now shipping, and is
available through the address listed on the web page.

To download the Pretium Demo, visit our web site at

If you have any problems downloading Pretium, just e-mail me by replying to
this message.  To have a copy of the Pretium demo sent to you attached to
an e-mail message (MIME format), simply reply to this message with "send
demo" as the message subject and it will be sent to you within 24 hours.

Thank you for your interest in Pretium and enjoy the demo.

David Orr
Innovative Digital Dynamics