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Press Release
From:  Herbert Wollman   Secretary for Boston Computer
Society Amiga User Group.

Boston Computer Society folds, Amiga User Group continues.

During the week of Sep 17, 1996, the Board of Directors of the Boston
Computer Society, the largest and most influential Computer User Group,
shocked their members by suddenly voting to declare bankruptcy and disband.
Over the past several years membership had slipped from a peak of 27,000 to
about 18,000.   Membership was worldwide, but concentrated in New England,

The BCS was composed of about 30 Special Interest Groups and User Groups,
each with its own organization, and many smaller subgroups.  The leaders of
most of the groups are currently planning to continue, and are
investigating the formation of a new umbrella organization. 

Since the Amiga is the only computer to emerge THREE times from bankruptcy,
the Amiga User Group is experienced with these things, and is leading the
efforts.  We plan to continue, with "business as usual." General meetings
will continue on the fourth Tuesday of each month, at 7:30PM, at M I T The
Video and Technical subgroups will continue, but may have to relocate.  
The BBS which we share with the Commodore and HyperMedia Groups will
continue to run on an Amiga.  It can still be reached at (617) 729-7340,
but we have temporarily lost our e-mail and Internet link. 

For further information please contact me, Herbert Wollman  (617) 272-2994