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   Grzegorz Calkowski / The Beet Research
   ul.Dobrodzienska 8
   42-780 Dobrodzien 



   New version of the well-known bootpic program.  The 4.00 introduces
   many new features.  Just take a look what SysPic can do.

   SysPic 4.00                               * - a star feature :-)

      o is small & VERY fast! (picture decompression routines written
        in optimized assembly)

      o shows IFF-ILBM pictures of any size and resolution,
        supports AGA modes (also HAM8)

      * has a flexible script-like language which allows you to display
        configurable text with hard/soft info, also with typewritter and
        shadow effects

      * can display a realtime digital clock on the displayed picture

      * can fade-in picture and fade-out it to Workbench (with selectable
        rate) - this works in asynchronous manner (i.e no delays) -
        mouse pointer is also faded

      * can play IFF-8SVX samples or Protracker modules with volume slide
        synchronized to fade-out

      o centers picture both horizontally & *vertically*

      o centers the mouse pointer when exits

      * has a very powerful random selector - an option assures that
        a picture won't show twice until all pictures are shown

      o forces Workbench to open behind the displayed picture so it can be
        closed after whole Workbench initialization, also works with
        the Directory Opus 5, the Workbench replacement

      o has no problems with MCP 'PubModes' feature

      * is iprefs-jump proof - sets overscan prefs before IPrefs will do it!

      o picture can be displayed in a desired mode or just promoted to
        specific monitor

      o optionally blanks the pointer sprite so you won't see it when the
        Workbench screen opens (it would look annoying)

      * picture is automatically closed when something goes wrong with
        booting - when an requester pops up on Workbench or so

      o detaches from shell in an intelligent way (i.e after loading
        the picture)

      * DOES NOT fragment the memory!!!

      o has been thoroughly tested by a team of betatesters

      o will be updated and supported in future

      * comes from Poland :))


   Kickstart 3.0 or higher required

   Optional for module playing:
   ptreplay.library v6.5, included in the package


   Any Aminet site (release date 01-Oct-96):



   Copyright (c) 1995-1996 by Grzegorz Calkowski

   Freely distributable shareware.  One month of evaluation period.


   Shareware fee:

       US$10 or 15DM

   The registration is "life-time", i.e you will have not to pay an
   update fee for any future release of SysPic.

   The program is not crippled, all features work.  It only
   displays an annoying shareware reminder when quits.
   Registered users will receive a keyfile which disables it.

   IMPORTANT:  previous versions of SysPic were released as Cardware.  All
   people who sent me a postcard will get the keyfile FOR FREE.