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Incontro dei Programmatori Italiani per lo Sviluppo su Amiga
Sixth Edition

Saturday, November 30, 1996 

Milano, Italy

The Italian Amiga community will meet on November 30th, 1996, at the sixth
annual IPISA conference.  IPISA stands for "Incontro dei Programmatori
Italiani per lo Sviluppo su Amiga" (which means Italian Programmers'
Meeting for Amiga Development).

IPISA is an open meeting (advance registration is required for a small fee)
focussing on non-commercial products, projects and ideas, and on the
distribution of high-quality information and advanced software tools.

IPISA'96 will be held Saturday November 30, 1996, in the Conference Hall of
the Centro Universitario ISU (via Valvassori Peroni 21, in Milan), from
10:00 AM to 6:30 PM.  A complete lunch will be served in the ISU refectory.

Here is a tentative list of the talks and papers (unless otherwise
specified they are in Italian).

- Michele Console Battilana (CLOANTO Italia)
  Perpectives in the personal computing world

- Paolo Canali
  Trends in digital technologies

- Rocco Coluccelli
  MOOS: advanced applications control in ARexx

- Luca Danelon (Interactive)
  The preparation of an Amiga CD-ROM

- Vittorio Ferrari
  VEGA: a graphic-adventure engine

- Haage & Partner
  PowerPC: Architecture and programming (English)

- Francesco Leonardi, Giuliano Pochini
  VOXEL Space

- Fabio Rotondo
  DOOPSI: an authoring system for graphic adventures

Attendants will receive the Conference Proceedings, consisting of
professionally printed documentation and the IPISA'96 CD ROM.  Additional
goodies could be donated by the intervening companies.

The CD-ROM will contain talks-related software, PD and shareware software
and demo versions of commercial programs.

The following companies have been invited:

- Amiga Technologies GmbH
- Haage & Partner
- Motorola
- PIOS Computer AG
- Phase 5
- Stefan Ossowski's Schatzthruhe
- VISCorp

but until today we are able to the confirm only the presence of Haage &
Partner, the developers of Storm C.  The other companies couldn't either
confirm or deny their presence.

The fees are:

- Meeting admission (including lunch): ............................. US$ 40
- Conference Proceedings for non-participants (sent by air mail): .. US$ 40

The following special arrangements for an Hotel accomodation (bed &
breakfast) for Friday 29 and/or Saturday 30 are available:

Approx. prices for 1 night

Room       | Prices US$  | Prices DM 
single     | 42          | 68
double     | 28          | 45
triple     | 25          | 40
quadruple  | 23          | 37

Note well: to join the meeting, non-italian people need to book before
November, 1 1996.

For details on hotel payments and Conference fees, please send an e-mail

Further informations can be found on the IPISA Home Page at the following