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R.A.M Magazine
ARTbas Editions

Tel : (+33) 61 90 49 00
Fax : (+33) 61 90 23 52

E-Mail :

R.A.M.  is a French magazine dedicated to the Amiga, published twice a
month.  Until now it was only available by subscription, but from the 1st
of September it'll be sold by newsagents (30000 copies in 12000 stockists).

Our main aim being the news forefront, we would be grateful if you could
keep us informed about your new projetcs and products.

You can send us your press releases, or even your software or hardware
products for testing.  They will, of course, be sent back to you after

Don't hesitate to contact us for any complementary information, either by
phone, fax or email.

Yours faithfully,

The editors