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   Simon Ihmig
   Beim Rauhen Hause 30
   22111 Hamburg


   This program is a mathematical equation editor. Like a word
   processor that lets you write text, MathScript is used to write
   mathematical formulas.
   It offers you a variety of mathematical and physical symbols and lots
   of objects like fractions, roots, brackets and matrices to compose
   formulas, which can then be imported into word processors or DTP
   applications to produce scientific documents.

   Here is an overview of the features of MathScript V3.0:

   * WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)
     While you edit your formula it is displayed in its final look.
     Editing is done like a word processor, use the keyboard to enter
     characters, move the cursor with the cursor keys or the mouse, mark
     blocks by dragging the mouse...

   * MUI
     Uses MUI 3.x for its nice font-sensitive resizeable and customizable

   * Symbols, Objects
     Extensive amount of symbols and objects, accessable with the
     keyboard and/or popup menus

   * PostScript Fonts
     Uses industry-standard scalable PostScript Type1 or Type3 fonts. You
     can choose different fonts for the following types of characters:
     variable, function, text, greek, symbol, number and 2 special
     purpose fonts.

   * AutoFormat
     MathScript automatically formats your input, i.e. it uses the
     appropriate font for each character.
     So called "styles" affect the way this is being done. The following
     styles exist:
     Math, Variable, Function, Greek, Text, Extra1, Extra2.

   * Function Recognition
     MathScript "knows" the most common function names (like sin) and is
     able to automatically apply the function font to it

   * Export
     Save formulas as EPS (PostScript), IFF or TIFF files

   * Import
     Files produced by the export function can be loaded back again

   * ARexx
     It has an ARexx port with lots of commands

   * Clipboard
     Support the system clipboard for cut, copy and paste operations

   * Function Keys
     ARexx scripts can be assigned to function keys

   * Online Help
     It offers extensive online help in four different ways:
     - Menu Help:   AmigaGuide help for menu items
     - Gadget Help: AmigaGuide help for gadgets
     - Bubble Help: Help bubbles for gadgets
     - Quick Help:  Status bar help for gadgets and popup menu items

   * Toolbar
     Access the most used functions with nice little image buttons

   * Locale
     Supports locale.library (OS 2.1+) for localized GUI text

   * Registration
     Registering is easily done with the little Registration Tool


   AmigaOS 2.04
   MUI 3.1
   2 MB RAM


   every Aminet site, directory misc/math,


   freely distributable, but shareware
   Copyright ) Simon Ihmig 1994-96


   Shareware fee of 20$ or 30DM