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[From the Imagine Mailing List]

To all AMIGA users and interested parties here on the IML

As you are all aware, Impulse is at a cross-roads in its development of
Imagine.  Due to the demands of our users, Impulse is investing all of its
resources in the on-going development of Imagine for Windows.  However, as
I have mentioned before, this leaves little for the improvement and upgrade
of the Amiga version of our software.  Furthermore, the uncertainty of the
hardware itself causes us concern over the long term viability of this

That said, I do not want to abandon those users who have for so many years
supported my company and our products.  If I can determine that sufficient
demand still exists for this effort, I will try to find a way support that
group.  None the less, I am going to put the ball in your court.  You will
have the opportunity to "determine the fate" of Amiga Imagine.

I have requested that a company named Intellipoint Corporation undertake a
market study of the Amiga market.  Mr.  Michael Nixon is a user of the
Imagine product and will oversee the development of this study.  My goal
will be to determine from this market study how Impulse can meet the needs
of its Amiga users.  Your response will determine how we proceed from this
point forward in this market.

If you are a registered user of Imagine, you will be contacted by
Intellipoint Corporation and asked to fill out a questionnaire on your use,
upgrade desires and wish list for Imagine.  If you are not a registered
user, I would suggest you email Mr.  Nixon at to
participate in this study.  If you have any questions about this study,
please contact Mr.  Nixon as Impulse would like to remain impartial during
this process.  We do, however, look forward to the favorable results.

As you can see, we are still interested in your business.  Impulse is
striving to be the company that earns your respect.  We can only earn that
respect by delivering products you desire and are willing to pay for.  I
encourage you to participate in the study and speak your mind.  You decide.
This is very important for the direction that we take and your input is


Michael C. Halvorson
President, Impulse, Inc.
October 3rd 1996