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For immediate press release:

   AQCVid: Omnilink Corp.'s NEW Amiga interface for use with the QuickCam

Omnilink Corporation is pleased and proud to announce their first foray
into Amiga(TM) development with the AQCVid(TM).  A unique hardware and
software solution which allows Amiga users to enjoy the benefits of the
popular PC QuickCam(TM).

For those of you who are not familiar with the hardware specifications of
the QuickCam, here are a few:

   * Up to 320x240 pixel capture.
   * 4-bit grey scale (16 shades of grey) and 6-bit grey scale (64 shades
     of grey).
   * Frame rates up to 24 fps.
   * Draws less than 350 milliwatts of current.
   * Field of view is approximately 65 degrees (equivalent to a 38mm lens
     on a 35mm camera).
   * Focus is fixed from 18 inches to infinity.
   * Lens is f1.9.

A more recent QuickCam model has been introduced, which has 640x480 as one
of its resolutions, with 24bit colour.  AQCVid support is tentatively
planned for this model, adding an even greater quality to an already
impressive roster of applications.

AQCVid is only for use with the PC/Windows version of the greyscale

This development will allow all Amiga users a new field of applications for
both amateur and professional use.

Here are some of the possible applications:

  1. Photography in several file formats (JPEG, IFF, Datatypes, etc.) for
     desktop publishing, games, multi-media, Internet(homepages, etc.),
     image processing, family digital picture albums, conferencing, etc.
  2. ANIM and CDXL format animations (from live action) for use in games,
     multi-media, Internet(homepages(AVI, MPEG), etc.), video (image
     processing), family digital video albums, conferencing, etc.
  3. Whatever else 3rd party developers and Amiga users can dream up.

The AQCVid is designed to work with all ECS/AGA Amigas, and includes
CyberGraphX support.  File formats currently include IFF, ANIM5, and ANIM7.
CDXL (animation w/sound) and JPEG is tentatively planned for a future

Users also have the option of time lapse with exposure control.  Internet
users have an overwrite previous file function, useful for realtime 'net
video updates.

An ARexx Commodity is also supplied to allow for control of the QuickCam by
other external applications.

16bit audio sampling/playback support is also tentatively planned for 16
bit Amiga audio expansion cards.   Also planned is a ImageFX(tm) module
that will allow direct control of the QuickCam by ImageFX.

As new Amiga models come into being, Omnilink is committed to maintain
AQCVid compatibility with these hardware advancements.

We hope this will show the Amiga community and the personal computing
community of the world, Omnilink Corporation's dedication to the best
personal computer on the planet, the AMIGA.

Developers who would be interested in supporting the AQCVid for their
software and hardware Amiga applications, as well as interested Amiga
users, may contact us through our Omnilink homepage at
"" (SEE IMPORTANT NOTE BELOW).  Our homepage
may also be accessed thru "".

After 9/30/96 our new WWW location will be
our E-MAIL will be for support and for

More information about the QuickCam and other Connectix products, can be
found in the Connectix home page at "".

QuickCam is a registered trademark of Connectix.
AQCVid is a registered trademark of Omnilink Corporation.
Amiga is a registered trademark of VIScorp.


                            AQCVid Technical Information

Release date: November 1996
Price: $59.95 Introductory offer upon release QuickCam is NOT included.

The AQCVid is an adapter that plugs into your parallel port.  All power is
supplied by the Amiga.  The QuickCam connects to the AQCVid adapter.  There
are NO modifications needed to be done to your Amiga or your QuickCam.

  Minimum Requierments:
     Amiga 500/600/1200/2000/3000(T)/4000(T)

     Processor: 68000
     Ram:       1 Meg Chip
     Chipset:   ECS
     O.S.:      3.1

     Connectix Gray Scale QuickCam, IBM-PC version

     Processor: 68020 or better
     Ram:       2 Meg Chip 4 Meg Fast
     Chipset:   AGA or graphics card with Workbench emulation

  Software capabilities:
        16 - ECS/AGA or graphics card with Workbench emulation
        64 - AGA or graphics card with Workbench emulation

     Maximum Resolutions:
           323 x 200
           161 x 122
           80  x 61

           Anim Op 5 and Anim Op 7W compression:
              312 x 200
              160 x 122
              80 x 61

           Anim Op 7L compression:
              256 x 200
              160 x 122
              64  x 61

     Image exposure time:
        QuickCam timing: 1/1000 seconds to 2 seconds
        Software timing: 1/60 seconds to infinity

     Save Formats:
        IFF-ANIM Op5 Byte
        IFF-ANIM Op7 Word
        IFF_ANIM Op7 Long