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  GPSoftware releases new utilities for Opus 5.5

  GPSoftware has released new utilities for Opus 5.5.
  These include:-

  . A new graphical diskinfo.module

  . Swedish Locale Catalog files

  . New user-developed modules including:-

  deliplay - plays modules using DeleTracker
  compare  - compares files and shows differences
  hotlist  - allows you to keep your own favourite hotlist
             of directories and programs

  . OpusSDK - Opus Software developers kit - all you need to develop
  your own modules for Opus. Autodocs/guide plus includes.

  . Secrets Revealed !

  Also released are a number of hints and tips for using Opus
  and details of some Opus secrets and undocumented features. 

  . Monthly win an Opus t-shirt competition.

See the Opus WWW pages for details

Regards, Dr Greg Perry
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