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The 'NetNews Offline Vol. II' CD-ROM is available! =

Suggested Retail Price DM 19.80 / Empfohlener Verkaufspreis DM 19,80

Ordering information:

Just send an E-Mail to including your address and
the products you want to order.  Please do not forget to include your
credit cards details.

Product Information:

On this CD you can find everything that was published in the Amiga-related
newsgroups from Usenet and other networks in the 3 month since the release
of NetNews Offline Vol.  I.

This release contains more than 217.000 postings, which are of high
interest for every Amiga user.  You will find technical advice for many
problems, wild flame wars, curious stories and a huge amount of valuable
information and news.  With this CD, you can take one of the most
interesting parts of the Internet directly to your home.  Do you know a
cheaper alternative of accessing Usenet without paying huge amounts of
telecommunication costs?

NetNews Offline is one of the most interesting CD-ROM releases published in
1996 and is a 'must have' for every owner of a CD-ROM-drive.

Contents of this CD

comp.sys.amiga.*:              83,087 articles
comp.unix.amiga:                  887 articles             507 articles
comp.sys.cbm:                   5,955 articles
de.comp.sys.amiga.*:           14,535 articles             838 articles
fido.ger.{amiga|amiprog}:       2,721 articles
z-netz.rechner.amiga.*:        23,427 articles
comp.periphs.scsi:              7,007 articles
diverse C++-Foren:             21,043 articles
diverse C-Foren:               19,284 articles
comp.lang.{modula2|oberon}:     1,193 articles
comp.lang.rexx:                 2,008 articles
de.newusers[.questions]:        1,201 articles
news.announce.newusers:           184 articles
news.lists:                       156 articles
comp.dcom.{isdn|modem}:        19,320 articles
de.comm.{isdn|modem}:          11,800 articles
Misc                            1,960 articles

total                         217,113 articles