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'Guru ROM V6' Update for GVP SCSI Controllers

Update Price DM 39.00 / Updatepreis DM 39,00


Ordering information:

Just send an E-Mail to including your address and
the products you want to order.  Please do not forget to include your
credit cards details.  Please note that you have to be a registered
customer of the Guru ROM V6 (GVP Version) in order to qualify for this
special upgrade offer.


Update features:

64-Bit-Support: Supports the use of media with more than 4 GB of storage
capacity, even with existing filesystems.

Increased compatibility with nearly all hard- and software through special
handling of all known firmware bugs of the most popular SCSI devices and
DMA hardware flaws in the A3000 and A4000, workarounds for internal bugs in
the WD SCSI chip, patches for A-Max and Picasso, as well as special
modifications to account for defective application software.