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The 'Guru ROM V6' for Commodore A2091 SCSI Controller is available!

Suggested Retail Price DM 99.00 / Empfohlener Verkaufspreis DM 99,00


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Product Information:

Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe and Ralph Babel, author of the well-known
"Amiga Guru Book" and long-standing former system software developer for
GVP, the American company known for its high-quality hardware products,

Guru ROM now also for the A2091!

The Guru ROM for GVP's line of host adapters set new standards for SCSI on
the Amiga; its high degree of compatibility with the widest range of SCSI
devices is unprecedented; its performance goes to the limit of the
underlying hardware.

All of this is now also available for owners of Commodore's A2091 SCSI host

Years of experience, technical know-how, and competence from the world's
best Amiga software and hardware engineers are condensed in this
penultimate product.  It makes it possible for the user to productively and
comfortably use SCSI, without sacrificing performance, risk of
incompatibility, or waste of resources.  Together with exhaustive
documentation, the "Guru-ROM" enhances each A2091 and each GVP Series-II
host adapter in many decisive, for the serious user essential features:

Universal: a SCSI driver without compromise for the A2091, all GVP
Series-II host adapters, and all "Combo" and "G-Force" accelerator cards
for the Amiga 4000, 3000, 2000, 1200, and 500.  Compatible with all 680x0
processors from the 68000 to the 68060.  This ROM module, which has been
considerably extended in its code and feature set, replaces all previously
distributed driver ROMs.

Fast: unparalleled transfer rates of up to 3.5 MB/s raw (Zorro-II limit),
3.2 MB/s measured with "RawScsiSpeed", 2,9 MB/s measured with "ScsiSpeed" -
even on a stock 7-MHz 68000-based Amiga!  Even higher figures (3.4 MB/s and
3.1 MB/s) possible on GVP host adapters with local RAM; all the while, the
CPU typically retains 80% free processing time.  Always maximum performance
through the automatic selection of the currently optimal transfer mode
(DMA, buffered DMA, or PIO).

Versatile: supports all device types defined in the SCSI standard, such as
hard disks, CD-ROM drives, streamers, scanners, and magneto-optical

64-bit support: supports the use of media with more than 4 GB of storage
capacity, even with existing filesystems.

Compatible: complete support for the RDB standard, resulting in
trouble-free autoboot, automount, and the exchange of devices and media
between two computers from Amiga OS 1.3 through 3.1.

Flexible: disconnect/reselect, synchronous transfers, and parity checking
can be enabled individually for _each_ device (even for devices without an
RDB).  Also complete write-protection is possible (useful for kiosk
applications and for virus protection).

Intelligent: maximum compatibility with nearly all hard- and software
through special handling of all known firmware bugs of the most popular
SCSI devices and DMA hardware flaws in the A3000 and A4000, workarounds for
internal bugs in the WD SCSI chip, patches for A-Max and Picasso, as well
as special modifications to account for defective application software.

Upward-compatible: fully compatible both with the SCSI-2 as well as with
the SCSI-1 standard, thereby providing the broadest support for all devices
on the market including those still to come.