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                           News & Press Releases

     Amiga Imagine        Be a part of its future

       IPISA '96          The prestigious Amiga conference

    R.A.M. Magazine       The French magazine goes newsstand

   Opus 5.5 Utilities     DOpus 5.5 gets a boost

  Persistence Software    Jim Drew is back!

 NetNews Offline Vol II   NetNews returns

      Aminet CD 14        The series continues

      Mayland V1.0        Calendar/Reminder software

         AQCVid           The QuickCam Interface package

      Pretium Demo        Financial organization software

    MathScript V3.0       Mathematical equation editor

      SysPic V4.00        Bootpic display program

       BCS Folds          But its Amiga branch continues

 Guru ROM V6 for A2091    The famous ROM for Commodore SCSI

   Guru ROM V6 Update     An update for current GVP GuruROMs

   Belgian Amiga Site     A .be site goes online

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