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             Mini-View: Kang-Fu from Great Effects Development
                            By:  Jason Compton 

I've gotten a hold of the Kang-Fu playable demo disc...

Now that I've had a chance to sit down and thumb through both.  I don't
have the full version of Kang Fu, so I'm not comfortable giving a total
review, but from what I've seen I'd like to jot down a few notes.

How's "Looks like it should sit next to Zool in the 'incredible-looking
platformer' category" for a comment?  It does.

Oh, plot's never very important in Kang Fu, but basically, you're a
kangaroo who runs around collecting small kangaroos, hurling punches and
boomerangs and eggs at brightly colored evil things (like umbrellas and
Amiga Boing balls), collecting keys to open locks, that sort of thing.

The animation is exceptional on the 4000T test system.  The game supports
CD32 gamepads and runs without additional software support on Amiga AGA CD

I'm looking forward to finding out more of Kang Fu's status.