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                       AMIGA SHOW '96

The Amiga Show '96, organized by DeltaGraph'X, CORSAIRE Production ,and
FUGAmiga, will take place November 9th and 10th,1996 at l'espace ,RENE

Our goal is to bring in a maximum of visitors from all over France and

We plan to open a Cybercafe at the Show, which will promote internet on the
Amiga, with the help of a service provider (club-internet/Grolier).

A national advertising campaign will begin in September, not only in Amiga
magazines, but also in magazines dealing with Multimedia, Internet, Video
and in PC and MAC magazines.  TV , Radio, and Internet will be informed and
invited to announce and report this event.

For more information contact:--Gert René Schmidt DeltaGraph'X 4, rue des
Iris F-91180, St Germain les Arpajon, FRANCE Tel and FAX: 33 1
E-mail: José Pifarré E-mail