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SUBJECT:  clickBOOM news 2

We have a bad news and a good news! :)

1. First, the bad news. 

Apology: We have tried really hard to make Capital Punishment appear in
stores on September 13.  Unfortunately, we'll have to postpone it a little

Since we are perfectionists, everything (including boxes, manuals etc.) has
to be exactly the way we wanted it.  That takes time, so we had two

- Compromise, or
- Be late with the game

We don't like compromises, period.

Seriously, though, we hope you understand this.  Capital Punishment is a
superb game so it also requires every other aspect to be of the same
quality.  We are late, it's true, but, believe us, once you have the game
you will have forgotten it was late.

So, it should be out somewhere around the end of the month.  But, this
time, we will inform you of the exact date only when we are 100% sure of
it.  :)

We apologize one more time.

* Due to the fact above, we are extending the preordering period.  For more
information, please visit our web site.

2. And, now the GOOD news. 

We predicted a long time ago that Capital Punishment would become one of
the best Amiga games of all time. 

Now, after Amiga magazines reviewed Capital Punishment we can very proudly
tell you that we were right. 

Here's a brief report on the upcoming reviews:

- Capital Punishment is now officially the highest rated game of 1996!  
All the major magazines reviewed it, and they were stunned by its quality.

- Capital Punishment is now generally considered to be among the top ten
games of all time!

- All the magazines awarded Capital Punishment more than 90%!

- Here are some of the quotes:

"A game like this is unbelievable.  One of the best games of all time." -
Amiga Computing (third highest rated game ever).

"There's only one word for the graphics in Capital Punishment - superb!" -
Amiga Format

"The best Amiga beat-em-up ever!" - Amiga Games

"Capital Punishment scores a clean technical Knock Out!  It's almost
incredible what this game makes out of an ordinary Amiga." - Amiga Joker
(the highest rating ever)

"Capital Punishment is one of the finest games on Amiga" - Amiga Action

"Frame rate is higher than any fighting game I've seen" - CU Amiga

- We are also proud to say that due to its quality Capital Punishment will
be on the covers of three major Amiga games magazines' (Amiga Games and
Amiga Joker in Germany, and Amiga Action in UK).

Thank you for your attention.  We will inform you of the exact Capital
Punishment release date as soon as we are 100% sure of it.


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