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                    THE AMIGA ZONE MOVES TO CALWEB!

and we're now (drumroll please...)

                          WWW.AMIGAZONE.COM !

                      URGENT - PLEASE READ THIS!

After five highly succesful years on Portal, The Amiga Zone on Portal
will close on Sept. 30th, 1996 and we're moving to CalWeb Internet
Services in October, 1996.

Portal has decided to drop all of their internet services after a ten
year run, and switch to being a different kind of company. We had to
find the Zone a new home, and CalWeb will be it!

The Amiga Zone will be rebuilt on CalWeb with a different look, but
with the same philosophy we've always had: the Amiga is the best
computer, and its owners are the best people, and it deserves the best
online support possible.

It'll take a while to rebuild the Zone on CalWeb. We hope to have her
up and ready sometime in October.

If you're currently a Portal customer, PLEASE move with us to CalWeb.
We've arranged for a free signup for you. Just call 1-800-509-9322 or
1-916-641-9320 and say "The Amiga Zone Sent me!" The same deal goes
for any of you who want to join the Zone but weren't Portal customers.

Watch this space for more news. The Amiga Zone was reborn once before
and we'll be doing it again! Stay tuned..

More info about the Amiga Zone is available from the link just below.
Click to CalWeb's own page link below for more info. Keep coming here
for updates, information, and more news, features, and links. Join
CalWeb if you want to partake of the Amiga Zone SIG, re-grand-opening
in October, 1996!


The Amiga Zone, in its ten year history, has given away more prizes
than any other Amiga-related SIG, Forum, roundtable, spaceship, clan,
club, cabal, group, or commune on any online service anywhere in the

Thanks to the generosity of Bob Luneski of Oregon Research we're
currently giving out their brand new product Termite TCP in our Amiga
Zone online Sunday Night Chat Contests. One Termite TCP will be given
away each Sunday night until they're gone. After that, we have even
more kewl Amiga prizes to give out. (If you are an Amiga
product-making company and wish to donate prizes to the Amiga Zone and
get your company and product name splattered all over this page..
please contact us and let us know!)

To participate in the Amiga Zone's contests you must be a Portal
subscriber (or after Sept. 30, 1996, a CalWeb customer) as the
contests take place in our nightly, live Amiga Zone chats, and you
must be present to participate and win.

If you already have an ISP account elsewhere, you can Telnet into
CalWeb for $0.00 per hour, 24 hours a day. Yes, Zero. Nothing. Nada.
NO hourly charge if you telnet in!