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                     HAAGE & PARTNER NEWS SEPTEMBER, 1996


StormC 1.1 STARTER

   16 Sept. 96 - HAAGE & PARTNER Computer announces new STARTER version
   of StormC 1.1. This version is especially for students and novices to
   ANSI C and C++ at a SRP of US$ 169. This package offers all the
   advantages that make StormC the best choice for programming the Amiga:
   integrated development system, visual project manager, fast source
   editor with syntax coloring, very fast ANSI C and C++ compiler,
   optimizing linker and the outstanding run-time system.

   StormC STARTER makes programming the Amiga easier and more effective.
   All of its components are designed for ease-of-use. StormC is a
   two-in-one compiler system that offers both current C standards: the
   well known ANSI C and the modern C++ standard (according to AT&T 3.0)
   for object oriented programming (OOP).

New Version 1.1 of StormC

   We also released version 1.1 of our new StormC development system in
   August. It has got a lot of new features and enhancements and it is
   the first international version. The program is localized in English,
   Italian, French and German and the manual is available in English,
   German and soon in French too. The international demo of new version
   1.1 is available on our home page and on AmiNet (biz/demo).

Coming Soon: International Version of StormWIZARD

   One of the most time-consuming parts of programming is creating a
   Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the program. For that we offer an
   easy-to-use graphical GUI editor, called StormWIZARD. Using this
   editor will save a lot of programming time and get you a nice and
   OS-compliant GUI. StormWIZARD will be available in English by the end
   of September at US$ 69. The latest demo is available on our home page
   and on AmiNet (biz/demo).

Future Plans

   We are also working on a special version of StormC for the upcoming
   PowerPC boards for Amiga from Phase 5. Development is getting along
   well and we intent to show you a pre-version at COMPUTER 96 in Cologne
   (November 15 to 17). At this show there will also be a demonstration
   of the new OS from German company proDAD, called p-OS and we will
   present a special version of StormC for p-OS development too.

   For all these reasons StormC is the development system for the future
   of the Amiga. StormC supports development for current AmigaOS and the
   next generation PowerPC Amiga and p-OS systems.

   For more information, please have a look at our home page:

   HAAGE & PARTNER Computer GmbH, PO Box 80, 61191 Rosbach, Germany
   Phone: +49 - 6007 - 930050, Fax: +49 - 6007 - 7543 Email: We develop to PowerUp the Amiga!