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[PIOS, a German-based company founded by former Amiga Technologies
President Stefan Domeyer, has recently announced both a line of Mac clones
and its decision to sell the BeBox in Germany.  More information is
available on  -Jason]

   PIOS Computer AG
Strategic Decision made: PIOS to sell BeBOX in Germany

Hildesheim/ Paris/ Menlo Park 19th September 1996

PIOS Computer AG, the german PowerPC company, and Be Incorporated, Menlo
Park, California, agreed upon a distribution agreement effective as of
September 19th, 1996.  Therefore, PIOS will sell the BeBOX with the
Operating System BeOS and a bundled version of Code Warrior to the german

PIOS sees the technology of BeBOX multiprocessing computers as a
breaktrough in price and performance.  Thanks to the architectural benefits
the BeOS will have a great future, providing real preemptive multitasking
and multithreading.

PIOS will support the market introduction of Be products with all possible
efforts.  The key factor will be to support independent software developers
on technological and marketing issues.  The technology is ready to create a
wave in the computer world.  What is needed is a huge number of killer
applications utilizing the strenght of the BeOS.

Dr.  Peter Kittel will be in charge for setting up an attractive developer
support within PIOS.  In close cooperation with Be Inc., he will provide an
internet-based information infrastructure to speed up development of third
parties.  He expressively invites software developers of any size to send
him an email ( or apply free of charge by using the
developer application page.