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               Electrics (V1.1) Digital Designer

Electrics is a group of programs for designing and simulating digital
electronic circuits on the Amiga computer.  The circuit to be tested
is drawn using simple and complex gates.  Multiple logic levels and
drive strengths permit realistic circuit behavior during simulation.

  A circuit design is drawn using Wire, Label, Text, and Symbol
  objects.  Symbol objects are obtained from a library of simple
  gates (NAND, XOR, etc.) and complex TTL gates (74193, 74245, etc.).
  The circuit design may contain one sheet, or span up to 99 sheets.

  The circuit design is simulated by applying signal levels, and
  evaluating the results.  The sequence of signal levels to apply is
  described in an ARexx script.  Signal levels may be '0' (low),
  '1' (high), 'X' (unknown), or 'Z' (floating).  The activity of the
  signals may be observed by connecting various viewing programs to
  the Simulator.  Original signals may be renamed, used to create new
  ones, or grouped to create signal Buses.

  The Viewer may be connected to the Simulator in order to record
  signal activity during simulation.  This activity is displayed as a
  trace waveform of both Single and Bus signals.  Over 4 billion time
  units may be recorded for over 64000 signals.

  The Digits program is a multi-digit 7-segment display that may be
  connected to the Simulator to observe signal activity.  Each digit
  has seven segments, a colon, and a decimal point.  Individual common
  lines allow the digits to emulate common-Anode and common-Cathode

  The ARexx Shell provides a command-line shell for interactive
  simulation and signal probing, or for general-purpose ARexx

  The Project Manager creates and organizes design project directories.

Electrics comes with illustrated AmigaGuide instructions, and requires
Workbench 2.0 or greater.  Electrics may be purchased by sending a
postal order for US$30 + US$2 (P&S) to:

1111 West 7th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada  V6H 1B5

PHONE: (604) 733-6972